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Gallery Five 2005 – 11: Orkney Islands "The nations are as a drop from a bucket and a film of dust on the scales.” Isaiah

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Lives in a Landscape 1 Soil Ancient Heart Confluence Fulcrum Unearthed

Lives in a Landscape 1: pencil

Soul and Stones: pencil

Ancient Heart: pencil

Confluence: pencil

Fulcrum: pencil

Unearthed: pencil

In Orkney there is an overwhelming feeling: a sense of time and history. Cross sections of different civilizations impact one above the other over thousands of years.

The earth preserves and hides their structures – human remains and endeavours, are inches beneath our feet. All this is eventually laid bare, to form ideas about birth, growth, change and decay.

Aerial views of this land and monuments produce configurations that are beautifully organic – almost like internal parts of the human body: the earth offering up its humanity.

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